Authorized Service for TCS Equipment:

Rights Notice: Material on film, tape, disc or otherwise may be subject to stated or implied Copyright or Performance Right, or the right to privacy, etc. depending on the laws of your country. Unauthorized duplication may be a violation that is civil or criminal in nature. Equipment or services offered by TCS Inc. should not be construed as inviting criminal activity. The user should ascertain if duplication might violate any rights, and obtain a written release from each affected party. Consult your attorney about any specific instance.


Factory Repair Service of Everything is Discontinued.

We are selling on Ebay a CD of schematics and instruction manuals:

Please send all future repairs of our telecine equipment to our authorized repair stations listed  below. They set their own rates and warranty policy:



Urbanski Film

ATTN: Larry Urbanski

Phone 708-460-9082

Fax 708-460-9099

P.O. Box 438

NOTE: Contact them for shipping address and packing instructions

Orland Park, IL 60462-0438





Optech Photo Service

19A Lupine Road

Andover, MA 01810

Phone 978-475-4831

Fax 978-475-6370

M-F 9-5 eastern time

contact: John Keleshian or Gary Keleshian






Roy Holloway

Serving Europe from the United Kingdom

Phone 0238 027 1500

NOTE: Contact them for shipping address and packing instructions

Email: and put “Olympic” in the Subject line to distinguish your email from spam. Days of operation are Tuesday through Thursday UK time.