Tobin Cinema Systems Movie Camera Equipment

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¨ Movie Camera Trivia


¨ Double System Sound and Crystal Sync


¨ Identifying Your Bolex H Camera:     Ancient Models     Modern Models     Discussion


¨ Manuals for many movie cameras including Bolex


¨ FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Film Problems & DVD Transferring 


¨ Ancient movie cameras can use today’s superior emulsions of  Eastman Kodak, Foma, and Orwo.  (Agfa, Fuji and Ilford no longer offer movie camera films.)


¨ “Making Kodak Film” The Illustrated Story of State-of-the-Art Photographic Film Manufacturing—a newly revised and greatly expanded book, detailing the author’s unprecedented access to describe and photograph formerly top-secret equipment and methods.       



¨ Tobin Cinema Systems equipment is designed and manufactured in the USA.


¨ Instruction Manuals for TCS Equipment, Past & Present


¨ NOTE: All Tobin movie camera motors, speed controllers and the like are discontinued. Our former dealers may still have limited supplies on hand.


¨ We are selling a CD of equipment schematics plus an expanded selection of instruction manuals on Ebay. To find them, click on or search items for sale from seller 8163570.