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 Film to DVD Transfer Service

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> 8mm, Super-8, 16mm film to DVD

> Camcorder tapes copied to DVD

> 35mm slides copied to DVD

> Super-8 Sound copied at correct speed and                 without flicker—A local exclusive

> Visit the new Film To DVD website here:

> Accessories for discontinued models

> Instruction Manuals

> Helpful info, and links to camera instruction manuals

Our Fortieth Year

1974 - 2014


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Our new Film To DVD site is here:


* You can earn $80 to $160 per hour or more copying folks’ old home movie films, with efficient and easy to use Tobin Video Transfer TVT equipment! This is the “Secret Weapon” used by highly profitable companies

worldwide, to easily and quickly copy directly to a standard definition DVD in real time, without flicker, with no computer needed so no time-consuming “slaving over a hot computer.” The True Speed and True Color models feature this ability:


* Models suggested for Standard Definition transfers, with True Speed running, are hyperlinked: Super-8 or Regular-8, and 16mm in NTSC (USA video) or PAL (Foreign video.)


* NEW!  Models suggested for Standard Definition transfers, with True Color reproduction, are hyperlinked: Super-8 or Regular-8, in NTSC (USA video) or PAL (Foreign video.)


* NEW!  Full HD 1080P High Definition 16:9 telecines. HD-SDI output. Record with your choice of compression, or uncompressed, to your usual Mac or Windows editing program, or your field recorder. For Super-8, Regular-8 and 16mm .


* For archiving old films in their native 4:3 aspect ratio, look at our Progressive Scan High Definition PHD models here, with direct USB2 computer hookup to digitize Frame By Frame at up to 24 FPS speed to your Windows computer AVI file. Super-8 or Regular-8, Dual-8, 16mm .


* Coming around May: “Strobin’ Tobin” sprocketless, clawless HD dual-8 telecine with important advantages over competing units. Read about it here.


* All of our telecine models, the full price list, order worksheets, instructions and repair info, much added information, and links to sample transfers can be seen from here:

         TVT Index Page .



NOTICE: We Are Moving The Workshop During April

There will be a certain amount of chaos during the move. Please bear with us, we hope to be back to normal in May.

NOTICE: Factory Repair Service is Discontinued

We are sorry but unexpected medical problems have caused our repair person to be ordered to stop doing repairs.

Give us a call and perhaps we can send you a part for a DIY repair job.

Please send all future repairs of our telecine equipment to our authorized repair stations listed here.

Some repair and adjustment information is in this section here.

Repair parts for TCS telecine equipment are listed here.