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Film to DVD Transfer Service

Still In Business!

> 8mm, Super-8, 16mm film to DVD

> Camcorder tapes copied to DVD

> Super-8 Sound copied at correct speed and without flicker輸 local exclusive


Now a separate company.

> Visit the Film To DVD website here:

> Accessories for discontinued models

> Instruction Manuals

> Helpful info, and links to camera instruction manuals


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For shipping anything to us, contact us first. Remember we don稚 do repairs any more.


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Contact Info:

Technical Information and Sales Inquiries: Clive Tobin at comcast dot net

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NOTICE: Factory Repair Service is Discontinued.

Please send all future repairs of our telecine equipment to our authorized repair stations listed here.

Some repair and adjustment information is in this section here.

Repair parts for TCS telecine equipment are listed here. And read the disclaimer.

Spare parts for TST Tobin Strobe Transfer machines are listed here. We can稚 sell finished TST machines any more owing to a patent dispute.

If you want parts or instructions, get them now as this website will probably vanish mid-2017.


Tobin Cinema Systems Inc. Has Closed Down

As Of Dec. 31, 2016

Thanks to everyone for their patronage over the years!


We may still make an occasional product from left-over parts to sell on Ebay.


One Of A Kind Models

There are several units in the works. These are prototypes or are using up left-over parts, and offered at a low price. When done they will be occasionally listed on Ebay from seller 8163570 (named after the 8mm, 16mm, 35mm and 70mm film formats I have been involved with in the past!) Normally these will be High Definition Progressive Scan with maybe an occasional analog NTSC machine. Put me on your Favorite Seller List to see them when they become available.


p.s. Don稚 be fooled! Some folks selling 滴D telecine equipment on Ebay are using consumer camcorders. The camera痴 rolling shutter cannot be synchronized to the projector shutter, even if they had the faintest idea how to do it, resulting in flicker and blended frames, or exposure banding, that cannot be adjusted away. Since these are incapable of acceptable quality this will lead to customer complaints. Buy Tobin equipment, new or used, for contented customers instead!


Forty-Three Years

1974 - 2017