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Film to DVD Transfer Service

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> 8mm, Super-8, 16mm film to DVD

> Camcorder tapes copied to DVD

> Super-8 Sound copied at correct speed and without flicker輸 local exclusive


> Visit the new Film To DVD website here:

> Accessories for discontinued models

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Our new Film To DVD site is here:

* If you are a video editing expert, you should select our High Definition models that record an AVI computer file, frame by frame, using the software provided. You will perform extra editing and mastering work with additional software, to generate a flawlessly prepared Blu-Ray or DVD to sell at a premium price. The Tobin Strobe Transfer and Progressive Scan PHD models are made for this application:

New Contact Info:

For ordering, Susan loves to talk to customers, at 509 621-0323, FilmsToDVD at comcast dot net.

Technical Inquiries: Clive Tobin at comcast dot net

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We prefer email so we can give thorough and complete written information with less chance of misunderstanding, also we can do it when we are not in the middle of some critical operation.


NOTICE: Factory Repair Service of TVT-8 and TVT-16 models is Discontinued.

We will still fix the current TST-8 and TVT-16PHD E models.

We are sorry but unexpected medical problems have caused our repair person to be ordered to stop doing most repairs.

Please send all future repairs of our TVT-8 and TVT-16 telecine equipment to our authorized repair stations listed here.

Some repair and adjustment information is in this section here.

Repair parts for TCS telecine equipment are listed here. And read the disclaimer.

鉄trobin Tobin sprocketless, clawless High Definition dual-8 USB2 telecine

with important advantages over competing domestic units, and at 1/20th the price of imported strobe scanners. Makes a 1280 x 960 AVI file on your Windows computer, compressed or uncompressed at 18-20 FPS. New 1/50,000 typical flash exposure. New 2k 2048 x 1536 camera option. Read all about the Progressive Scan continuous motion frame by frame scanning TST-8 here.


Earlier version with steady light shown. Currently the light is only on less than 1/1000 of the time and looks far less bright.


For archiving old films in their native 4:3 aspect ratio, also look at our Progressive Scan High Definition PHD model, with direct USB3 computer hookup to digitize frame by frame at 24 FPS speed to your Windows computer AVI file. New! Full HD option. 16mm version shipping now.


Almost Ready: The new sprocketless and clawless Standard Definition version of the TST-8, the TST-8A. It enables easy direct recording to a stand-alone DVD recorder in real time, with no


Sprocketless & Clawless Analog Telecine with NTSC or PAL video out

need to lubricate and painstakingly repair the film. Preliminary catalog page is here.

Coming later: Improved TVT-8 and TVT-8PHD models with conventional sprocket and claw design and a better mechanism than before, emulsion side scanning, etc. Stay tuned!


High definition 16mm telecine makes frame by frame AVI files on your Windows computer

* A listing of all of our telecine models, instructions and repair info, much added information, and links to sample transfers can be seen here:


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